The Initiates Podcast is a journey of discovery, remembering and expansion for those on the spiritual path.

Introducing Natalie Grace

My name is Natalie Grace. I’m a semi-professional mystic. I’m a soul exploring my own evolution. I am a student of life in the 3D realm. I am an observer, bearing witness to the natural (and super-natural) world.

I created this podcast to explore the path of initiation. To challenge our beliefs of what is "real" and to help reawaken the forgotten wisdom that resides within us all.

I believe it is my mission to help raise the collective vibration, and to empower individuals to align with their sacred mission. I do this through sharing messages of empowerment and activation across my platforms and in my work.

You and I may be acquainted through my work as an Intuitive Tarot Reader over at Crystal Aura Tarot, where I share weekly Tarot guidance and hold the sacred mission of reawakening an intuitive understanding of the language of symbols.

Or, you may know me via my energy medicines, Flower Guide, where I supply beautiful flower remedies to support self-healing and spiritual development.

Perhaps we’re meeting now for the very first time.

However you’ve come to find yourself here, I’m grateful for your presence, and hope that you stick around to explore the path of initiation with me.


“Beyond a certain point, the whole universe becomes a continuous process of initiation.”

– Robert Anton Wilson


My 'Why'

Today, many of us live a life devoid of spirit. We are immersed in the hyper material, our time and attention filled with external stimulation that leads us further away from ourselves. From Gaia. From the true nature of all things.

In my own journey, I’ve come to realise that space is the key to exploring meaning. Space is the void. It is the expanse beyond the veil. It is the spectrum of experience. It is the place where we meet ourselves.

As an Initiate, space is something we must cultivate to deepen our understanding of this world and it’s meaning.

With this podcast, I aim to create a space for modern day initiates to share wisdom, explore ideas and challenge our perceptions of reality. To provide guidance in navigating the path of spiritual awakening. To share stories of Initiation that help to inspire and empower. And to create a community of seekers who are here to walk together and support one another on their journeys.


I was inspired to create this podcast through my work sharing the wisdom of the Tarot with the Crystal Aura Tarot community.

There, I have magnetised a small but lively circle of souls who are on the spiritual path, and love to receive the symbolic lessons of the Tarot each week.

Over time, I’ve found that the messages that wish to be shared began to stretch beyond the confines of Tarot.

And I’ve found that using my voice to share these messages has been a source of healing and activation for me, as well as those listening.

And so, The Initiates Podcast was born.


It's my honour to journey with you.

x N